Waste Management

Genel places waste management as a priority activity when implementing improvements at existing sites or planning and designing new projects and developments. At Taq Taq we have successfully surpassed our internal target of recycling over 60% of all refuse.

Genel is leading the way on recycling initiatives in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Clear objectives, targets and performance indicators are set for our waste management system.

Effective and responsible waste handling and management are key elements of the Company’s HSE Management System which follows the cradle to grave philosophy to ensure projects consider waste minimisation throughout their lifecycle.
Furthermore, we also ensure that waste management practices are tailored to the specific waste and characteristics of each site we operate.

The success of our waste management strategy is a result of the training all employees receive on site and successful communication efforts with local contractors on waste management best practices. This illustrates how Genel finds opportunities to educate other companies on best environmental practices and incorporate sustainability efforts beyond the scope of our business.

In 2019, there were zero incidents of losses of primary containment, repeating the performance of 2018.

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