Waste Management

Genel places waste management as a priority activity when implementing improvements at existing sites or planning and designing new projects and developments. At Taq Taq we have successfully surpassed our internal target of recycling over 60% of all refuse.

There is increasing international concern about the proper management of waste globally. The goal is to minimise the potential harm to the health of both people and the local environment. A key focus of Genel’s approach to waste management is recycling.

Genel takes additional steps to follow the ‘cradle to grave’ philosophy that ensures waste is minimised, and that what is produced is properly contained and then recycled or appropriately treated and disposed. For waste that cannot be handled internally, licensed waste management service providers are audited to ensure Genel is pursuing compliant and best possible practices, with Genel’s supply chain procurement criteria ensuring that external companies bidding for waste management work have adequate standards and processes in place.

In 2015, management at Taq Taq implemented a waste segregation and recycling training campaign for local waste disposal companies and field employees. The success of the initiative allowed Taq Taq to increase recycling capacity and performance from 11% of refuse to over 60%, and in the course of a year positioned Genel as a leader in the KRI for waste management. Genel continues to establish internal performance targets, specifically the goal of continuing to recycle over 60% of general waste at Taq Taq. Genel continues to find opportunities to train local companies in waste segregation and recycling and share our understanding of best environmental practices with other companies and our stakeholders.

Spill Response

For the last two years Genel has not had a single incident in its operations that resulted in a Tier 1 (process safety) loss of primary containment. This means that there have been no unplanned or uncontrolled releases of hydrocarbons or hazardous substances. This achievement reflects Genel’s focus on asset integrity to ensure minimal impact on the environment around our operations. In order to meet this high standard Genel has established a Tier 1 and 2 spill response plan in line with international best practice.

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