Increasing Water Access of Locals

Due to the lack of water access in the region, Genel embarked on a strategic project to fund the construction of a water pipeline from
the Taq Taq river to five neighbouring villages

Since 2013, Genel has sponsored the daily delivery of water via tanker trucks to two Taq Taq villages. These tanker trucks deliver 25,000 litres of water to the 40 families inhabiting the villages. However, to make water access more sustainable and widen the scope of impact, in 2019 Genel committed the necessary funds to construct a water pipeline that will transport water to 200 families/1100 people across five neighbouring villages surrounding our Taq Taq asset.

These communities do not have direct access to clean water for drinking and domestic use and the implementation of the project will help improve the health and living conditions of the local communities in the area. In October 2019, a stakeholder meeting was held with the MNR, our CSR team, village authorities and local landowners to inform community members about the project. A local company has been hired to carry out the project, which is set to complete in 2020.

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