Business ethics

Transparency and integrity are critical attributes for the Genel team as we meet business targets responsibly and ethically.

Anti-bribery – Leadership and compliance

Genel doesn’t tolerate bribery in any form. As a company and team, we’re committed to complying with all applicable laws and preventing, detecting, and deterring corruption in all business dealings.

Genel’s anti-bribery policy and procedures are publicly available and guide staff in assessing risks, understanding anti-bribery laws and reporting any concerns. Similarly, memberships with TRACE International and Transparency International UK underline our commitment to good governance and ethical business conduct.

Genel worker with clipboard

As a socially responsible contributor to the global energy mix, how we achieve success is as important as what we achieve.

Our Code of Conduct outlines five values defining our approach to work, partnership and business: integrity, respect, accountability, collaboration, and ingenuity. Team members and employee candidates will feel at home with and operate naturally using these values so that Genel has the right people delivering the right actions, in the right way.


We encourage openness and accountability in all our operations. Our Whistleblowing Policy was updated in 2021 to reinforce our open approach and include a Grievance Policy.

The policy applies to employees, contractors, and third-party stakeholders and is publicised in several languages. It also includes details of a whistleblowing hotline, for anyone to report concerns on various matters, including human rights violations.