Reduction of Flaring at Peshkabir

In 2019, Genel along with its joint venture partner and operator of the Tawke PSC, DNO, embarked on the Peshkabir gas project. This is the first gas injection project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The aim was to capture, treat, compress the excess gas associated with production at Peshkabir and transport it for injection into the Tawke Cretaceous reservoir, both reducing flaring at Peshkabir and significantly reducing CO2 emissions, while simultaneously increasing oil recovery at the Tawke field. Prior to this project, Peshkabir gas production stood at about 20 MMscf per day, all of which was being flared. However, following the start of steady plant operations this figure has reduced by over 75% by mid-2020.

Flaring of residual associated gas is still necessary to continue safe production of oil and gas treatment operations. The project was commissioned in June 2020 and gas injection into the Tawke field is now underway. This is a significant emissions reduction project for Genel, as Peshkabir emissions made up 85% of our 2019 profile, and completion has reduced Genel’s carbon intensity from all producing assets to 7 kilograms CO2e/barrel.

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