Our values

Genel has defined a clear set of values that capture the spirit and of the Company, providing a creed in a way that each employee can work by and be proud of. Genel is a company that cares – about our employees, about the environment, about doing things in a better way and make a tangible difference to people’s lives in the areas in which we operate.

The values are practical and aligned with Genel’s goals – they are values that we live and work by on a daily basis that guide the direction in which Genel Energy is going. As we adhere to these values, it is our belief that the strategic goals of the business will be delivered. We want people who share our values – the right people, delivering the right actions, in the right way.

  • Integrity

    Dealing with all stakeholders in an honest and transparent way is vital to having a positive corporate reputation, garnering trust and supporting our activities, providing the social licence to operate, and driving investor support

  • Respect

    Respecting people, valuing employees of all cultures and developing an inclusive environment motivates people, and treating all partners and stakeholders in a way that builds relationships helps drive the delivery of common goals. Respecting the environment, minimising the impact of our operations and promoting biodiversity is also necessary to retaining the social licence to operate

  • Accountability

    A culture of accountability and responsibility in which people take pride in their commitments supports the safe delivery of objectives and drives the quality of our work

  • Collaboration

    Working with a collaborative mindset, both internally and externally, maximises synergies and increases the quality of outputs across the business, also boosting motivation and inclusivity in a way that drives production and a feeling being valued

  • Ingenuity

    Ingenuity is where Genel can set itself apart. A culture of a curious and open minded workforce, bold, inquisitive, and ready to challenge accepted ways of doing things can help open up new opportunities and drive profitability