Spill Response

For the last two years Genel has not had a single incident in its operations that resulted in a Tier 1 (process safety) loss of primary containment. This means that there have been no unplanned or uncontrolled releases of hydrocarbons or hazardous substances.

This achievement reflects Genel’s focus on asset integrity to ensure minimal impact on the environment around our operations. In order to meet this high standard Genel has established a Tier 1 and 2 spill response plan in line with international best practice.

Key highlights of the programme include periodic maintenance and testing of critical equipment, training for asset teams through the implementation of exercises and drills, and the preparation of site-specific tactical response plans. These plans, produced by the business units, are updated regularly and involve all relevant contractors where appropriate. The programme aligns with our requirement that operational planning is subject to an annual preparedness review to identify potential gaps in readiness and ensure that all measures for an effective response is in place when operations commence. Moreover, Genel also maintains external lines of communication with government bodies and membership with Tier2/3 oil spill response providers to ensure access to additional resources if an emergency were to occur.

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