Asset Integrity Case Study

The safety of our operations is a top priority for Genel and as such, we are constantly striving to apply best practices and the latest safety measures whenever possible.

Core to this endeavour is Genel’s asset integrity management. One innovative technique adopted by our asset management team includes the use of ultrasonic guiding waves to ensure the conditions of long or not easily acceptable pipping at a facility. The technology also allows for the detection of both internal and external corrosion. The detail and scope of this technology therefore ensures early detection of corrosion within flowlines and therefore prevents the release of any flammable or toxic material that could harm our personnel or the local environment.

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  • Asset Integrity Case Study

    Asset Integrity Case Study

  • Flowline Inspection Using Long Range Ultrasonic Tests

    Flowline Inspection Using Long Range Ultrasonic Tests

  • Combating COVID in Somaliland

    Combating COVID in Somaliland

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