Local employment

The greatest demand we have from local people, and the most direct way we can improve their lives, is to provide employment. By employing and buying locally whenever possible, and requiring that our contractors do the same, we can make an immediate difference to local families.

TTOPCO has provided jobs for 241 local people, more than two-thirds of the entire employee base, with many others employed by the contractors who work for us.

We also continue to utilise local companies and suppliers wherever possible. Genel Energy has put in place a Local Content Policy and Procedures (‘LCP’) to ensure that we benefit the local community as much as possible. The aim is to give local contractors an opportunity to participate in our future operations. The LCP also ensures that our contractors prioritise appropriate local services and hire locally as much as possible.

Moreover, we place emphasis on providing businesses to community centred companies, 17 of which are currently supporting our Taq Taq operations.

In 2020 we will enhance our existing work on local hiring and local procurement, including better documentation figures on job creation and supply chain opportunities, improving internal alignment around local procurement, and expanding the small and medium-sized enterprise development programmes.

3C Companies

In order to ensure the maximum economic benefit to the local area, Genel prioritises business opportunities with what we designate as ‘community-centred companies’ (3Cs).As of 2019, 23 local community-centred companies are providing services to Genel’s operations across the KRI. Genel’s operations indirectly support more than 350 locals through contracts with local companies and contractors.

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