Community development

Genel’s community development efforts aim to help empower local community members and promote self-sustaining economic development. Initiatives highlight how oil and gas activity can have a positive direct impact on other economic sectors. By sponsoring economic development and training projects for local community members, Genel is demonstrating how the benefits of the energy sector can bolster a diversity of supplementary economic sectors that further generate employment opportunities.

In 2020 Genel sponsored a community development project to provide electricity to the 450 people living in the village of Jeferan by connecting houses to the power grid. Other beneficial projects included the donation of a minibus and the renovation of the Dewana Bridge in Sarko village to provide greater ease of transportation. Finally, to enhance environmental protection and conservation, Genel provided the Qara Dagh Forestry Police Department with firefighting equipment and facilitated the creation of a fire buffer zone within the forest boundaries. These efforts will help ensure that if a wildfire were to arise local communities will remain safe and harm to biodiversity is limited.

Activities in Somaliland

In 2014 Genel, in partnership with the African Network for Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect-Somali Chapter (ANPPCAN-SOM), helped distribute over 3,750 Wonderbags to local women across 21 villages and three internally displaced peoples camps. In 2019 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Genel has once more partnered with ANPPCAN-SOM to fund the procurement and instalment of an oxygen plant with associated oxygen concentration machines and patient monitors at the Burao Regional Hospital that will allow for the on-site production of oxygen. This donation will continue to benefit the local community long after this pandemic has passed.

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