ESG Risk & Remuneration

Genel’s commitment to further embedding ESG into the Company was reaffirmed in 2019 when it was agreed that ESG metrics would be incorporated into the remuneration evaluations of senior management for the upcoming year.

As of 2020, 10% of remuneration will be based upon the meeting of established ESG goals and objectives. The Board will discuss climate change and consider how it may be incorporated into the Company’s strategy. Initial steps have already taken place through a 2019 ESG benchmarking analysis scoring Genel against its peers, the findings and recommendations of which will be incorporated into the risk management of the Company.

In 2020, Genel will continue to participate in CDP disclosure with the goal of improving our score. Genel will also review the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures and work towards publishing the relevant information investors seek to ensure that Genel is a climate resilient company. Finally, Genel will produce a wider, more comprehensive sustainability report that will adopt GRI reporting standards.

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