At Genel we recognise that climate change is increasingly a core issue for our stakeholders and are committed to understanding how a transition to a low-carbon economy poses both risks and opportunities for the Company. Accordingly, the governance structure of the Company ensures that the management of climate change, along with other environmental and social risks, is integrated across all levels of the business and is periodically reassessed.

ESG risks are managed under the guidance and expertise of the HSSE Committee, which is briefed on a quarterly basis by the Head of HSE & Risk Management, who reports directly to the CEO.

Genel has now built a team responsible for evaluating climate change related risks, supporting the business in developing GHG management strategies and overseeing the implementation programme. These levels of engagement provide the necessary attention that ESG risk assessment and mitigation deserves to ensure that Genel is a climate resilient company moving forward

Head of HSE & Risk During Site Visit to Taq Taq CPF facility

HSE forms a core focus of Genels operations and is kept front of mind through regular training sessions and site visits, which demonstrate clear leadership. In 2019 alone, we conducted 66 HSE management site visits, 105 emergency response drills and two crisis simulations exercises. This helps instil a culture of safety across the entire company.