Genel is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that minimises impact on the natural environment and the local communities. We comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards and ensure that HSE is an integral part of the Company’s business decision-making process.

Genel is committed to conducting Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA) at the planning stage and implement monitoring and management plans (ESHMP) before commencing and during operations. We also aim to minimise environmental impact by reducing resource use, reducing emissions, managing waste, preventing pollution and protecting diversity.

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Biodiversity at Qara Dagh

Qara Dagh is both an area of outstanding natural beauty, and also an ecologically sensitivity area. It is a Key Biodiversity Area, Important Bird Area, and Important Plant Area. Genel has prepared a site-specific Biodiversity Action Plan that provides a framework for the implementation of the Project’s biodiversity mitigation and management measures during all phases of operations and is being monitored carefully by Genel. For example, before civil work commenced, a comprehensive three census was conducted that will allow Genel to rehabilitate and restore degraded habitats following the completion of work. We also work closely with Nature Iraq (the Country’s leading environmental conservation group who are accredited to the United Nations Environment Programme and affiliated to Bird Life International) to ensure the long-term protection of the ecosystem within the area of our operation.