Tawke – Peshkabir

The Peshkabir discovery is located on the west side of the Tawke block PSC area. The structure is a high amplitude anticline, which forms a mountain range on the surface with shallow layers outcropping to the surface on the flanks of the structure.

Gross operated Tawke licence production averaged 110,300 bopd in Q2 2021, of which the Peshkabir field contributed 63,000 bopd and the Tawke field 47,300 bopd.

Five new wells are scheduled at Peshkabir in 2021. The first is in production, two more are being completed and are expected in service soon and two more will be drilled in the remainder of the year, contributing to the field’s 2021 production.

The Peshkabir-to-Tawke gas capture and reinjection project, in operation since mid-year 2020, is continuing to cut gas flaring and greenhouse emissions by half at Peshkabir to 7kg CO2e/bbl, while unlocking additional oil at Tawke.

Over 20 million cubic feet of gas per day from the Peshkabir field is being reinjected into the Tawke field, partially offseting natural production decline.