Sewing Course For Women (Chia Surkh)

Economic Development

Vocational Training Course (Taq Taq)

Economic Development

Camp for displaced families (Taq Taq)

Crisis Response

Renovation & Equipment for Schools (Miran – Bazain/Piramagrun/Aghjalar


Oil & Gas Training for Local Officials (Chia Surkh)


Support for Hiwa Cancer Centre (Sulaimaniyah)


Library (Taq Taq)


Kindergarten (Taq Taq, Koya)


Environment awareness (Sulaymaniah)



Genel Energy is committed to conducting its operations in an ethical manner that embraces safety, responsible environmental management, and the development of positive and enduring relationships with the people and communities in the areas in which we operate.

Genel has over a decade-long track record of supporting local communities, through both powering economic growth and working in partnership to identify and meet community needs. This is best illustrated through the benefits provided by operations at Taq Taq.

In total, over $25 million has been invested in almost 200 social projects in the communities surrounding the field. The focus has been on the most pressing needs – education and health. Social projects funded include a library, nursery, art school, and road. Around 400 local people have been given vocational training, and nearly 6,000 medical visits have been made to 15 local villages.


Nurturing positive relationships with communities around our sites drives both our growth and the development of our host countries. We are proud of the contribution our employees and contractors make within local communities, whether they are delivering aid directly to displaced people, providing civil engineering support to local authorities, managing our community projects or simply interacting positively with people in local areas while going about their day-to-day work.

In 2014 the rise of ISIS caused an influx of refugees into the KRI. We have been a leading supporter of the KRG’s Kurdistan Oil and Gas Humanitarian Initiative, providing emergency aid to thousands of vulnerable people displaced by conflict. We look forward to continuing to support the growth of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and growing our social projects in Africa, over the coming years.